Putting Your Funnel Together

You’ve come a long way, so let’s recap before we move on. 

After you’ve determined your product/market fit and chosen your traffic source, you’ll offer someone your Lead Magnet. Once they’ve opted in and given you their contact information, you’ll deliver that valuable piece of content to them and begin to build trust with your lead. 

Then, you’ll use your traffic source to target them and offer them your EPO. Once they’ve purchased your EPO, a subtle but powerful shift has happened: your lead has become a paying customer.

From there, you will continue to use your traffic source to nurture and move your new customer toward buying your Core Offer(s) and Profit Maximizer(s).

Now you may be wondering where you’re sending this traffic to so you can make any of these offers.

A landing page. 

Once you have all of your raw materials for your funnel and understand how they all fit together and move someone from 1 step of your funnel to the next, you’re ready to build your landing page. Which we’ll cover in the next module.