Map Out Your Campaign

Use this worksheet to map out your Lead Magnet campaign. The worksheet will help you plan your campaign from beginning to end. It also replicates what you’ll see in ManyChat.

The first things you’ll see are labels for Entry Point 1 and Entry Point 2. These are the 2 ways you’re going to create to get people into your campaign. (You can actually create as many as you want.)

From there you’ll send people to the Lead Magnet Opt-In Flow. From here, you’ll create a split to see what’s the best way to deliver your Lead Magnet to your audience. What’s their ideal delivery method? 

One version of the split test is your Lead Magnet broken down into messages. You can think of this like a welcome email you might send saying, “Congratulations, here’s your Lead Magnet.” So that’s what this piece allows us to do.

The other half of the split test is just the PDF file by itself. So you’d say, “Hey, here’s your PDF file.”

The split test is part of the campaign and will let you see what the difference is compared with the same content broken down versus in its current format, all in the same Messenger channel.

Then, you’ll determine your follow-up messages and how long until you’ll follow up with them. The time delay bubble is for you to determine how much time you want to pass before you follow up. Due to changing policies, you’ll want to message your users in 24 hours or less since their last conversation with your chatbot. You can message people outside of this 24-hour window using something called the One-Time Notification. Here’s how to get access to it on ManyChat.