Launch Your Bot

Now it’s time to launch your bot and start generating leads from it! 

Before you launch, use this checklist to audit your chatbot campaign, to ensure that your campaign launches on the best foot possible. 

As the data from your campaign comes in, your next step will be to optimize your bot, looking for ways to grow and refine the campaign. We have 2 worksheets to help you do just that. 

First, use How to Continue Growing Your Lead Magnet Campaign

Next, use the Planning Your Entry Points. This goes a little further than the Entry Points worksheet you did earlier in the Playbook. The worksheet will help you see what your options are as well as give you an idea of where users might be coming in from. You can also use this worksheet moving forward for any future campaign planning.

And with that, you have everything you need to launch a successful Messenger bot campaign to generate leads.