Grab Your Viewers’ Attention with a Headline and Sub-Headline

The headline on your homepage is arguably the biggest factor in pulling in your audience in. It’s the first text they look at, so you want to make sure it’s good.

An effective headline does 2 things really well…

  1. It positions the customer as the hero and the brand as the guide
  2. It focuses on the customer experience, not the products themselves

When you are crafting a headline, look back at your Customer Avatar Sheet. Your headline should position your customers moving away from their pain points and toward their desired end goal.

Need some examples? Check out our Homepage Headline Swipe File. There are a bunch of examples in there you can use for inspiration and some suggested phrasing as well.

ACTION ITEM: Once you’ve decided on your headline, add it to the Homepage Template, along with a sub-headline if you have one.

NOTE: If you do have a sub-headline, make sure you don’t fall into the cutesy trap. It’s become a recent fad to have headlines that are cutesy and attention-grabbing, and then a sub-headline that gets to the central value. The problem: it makes your customer work twice as hard to figure out the value your product/service delivers. We don’t recommend this tactic.