Edit ManyChat Flow: “Lead Magnet Content Flow”

Go back to the folder from earlier, where you’ll see another flow that says “Lead Magnet Content Flow.”

So how many interactions should you have with the user as they go through your content?

Ideally, you want to have 4 to 8 back-and-forth interactions during 1 conversation.

We find that after the 9th interaction, 20% of users usually drop off. So if you go beyond that, you’ll lose them before you can get to your call to action.

But when you can start with an ideal number of interactions and then add more touchpoints in if the user tells you they prefer them, then that’s a better way to add in additional interactions.

The way to do that is in this example:

We have the message on the left—one piece of the Lead Magnet PDF examples we’ve been using—and we have 2 options for a user to continue on. 

So give them the choice of either “Explain This,” or “Continue On.” 

That way, if someone just wants to get through as quickly as possible, that’s available to them.

But if they want more out of your content, you can take them through more content and value-add. This is a good way to increase those touchpoints with your brand.