Edit ManyChat Flow: “Follow-up Flow #1”

Let’s move on to follow up. You’ve built the content the user is experiencing inside the bot, and now there’s follow up which should come from the fact that you’re basing this off some sort of converting campaign.

You want to follow up for 3 to 7 days about the same offer. After that, someone’s going to get really tired of this. (You can also view that as 3 to 7 messages.) 

The limit is so you don’t overwhelm or annoy your prospect and ultimately your bot doesn’t get banned from the Messenger platform.

Each of these days or messages should contain valuable back and forth interactions. You don’t want to treat this like email, where there can potentially be a lot of fluff.

First, a few copywriting tips:

To see what we’re talking about, go to the “Follow Up Flow #1” folder (inside your DigitalMarketer folder), and go into “Flow Builder” view.

You can see the “Delay” button in the lower-left of the next screengrab:

You can edit the length of your typing delay there. Usually, 2 to 10 seconds is ideal.

We suggest putting 1 to 2 sentences in the grey bubble on the left side of this screengrab:

Then you might add a typing delay, then a couple more sentences. Then, you should add an interaction. You can ask them to type a response, or you can also add a quick reply (you’ll see those above the other options there). Ask them to do one of these things so that way they’re involved in the conversation. 

Keep things short and concise. (For instance, if you’re converting your landing page copy into your bot conversation, you can probably cut 2/3rds of it because they’ll see it on the landing page when they click over.)

Go in and play around with adding your content to the Flow. Boil your content down to the most necessary pieces and pop them into the flow with some transitions.