Determine Your Entry Points

Entry points allow you to capture email subscribers. For instance, you might use an opt-in form on your website that leads to an email capture on the back end.

But with Messenger, you actually have 9 entry points:

There are only 6 entry points listed in the image above, but that’s because a couple can be doubled as another type of entry point. For example, a link can become a QR Code. 

So here are some examples of these.

First, we have an example of a button. This is a one-click opt-in. Someone can click that button within Facebook on their browser and that directs them to Messenger. 

You can also have a setting that directs them to a URL. 

Next, we have a check box:

You can use the check box in combination with email. This is a way to test which one gets you more opt-ins: email or Messenger. It’s worth noting that because this option requires the user to manually check the opt-in box, it usually gets fewer conversions than the button.

Next is an example of using a link but attached to a web button.

This has a chat widget (lower right) but has a chat button above—which has a much more powerful technology attached to it via Messenger, so they tend to get better results than the typical widget you might find with help desk software. 

Our next example is using an opt-in through a Facebook page comment.

This allows you to respond to comments with your bot. It’s a great way to reach people, especially if you have organic posts that get a lot of traction, or if you’re running a post as an ad. 

But first, a few examples of what this is going to look like on the back end.

You’ll see a REF URL, which is a link option inside of ManyChat. There are 2 ways you can utilize this, with a web button or a QR code.

You can also turn this link into a “deep link.” If you want someone to look at something in an app, using a deep link would allow them to jump straight into that app right to whatever you want them to see. 

Deep links are great for email marketing if you need someone to jump straight from their Gmail into Facebook.

So pick at least 1 way your audience is going to enter your Messenger bot campaign and then move onto the next step.