Determine Your Campaign Goals

Before you decide to go ham on the ad spending, it’s important that you define your goals. Throwing a bunch of money behind an ad won’t do much if that ad isn’t serving your overall business goals. You need to think about what action you want people to take when they see your ad, as well as how will you gauge if your ad is successful.

Setting your goal in advance will help you:

  • Write action-oriented ad copy
  • Construct a landing page that will convert
  • Determine your bidding strategy
  • Identify what keywords you should be going after

The goal doesn’t have to be selling a high price-point item. It could be downloading a lead magnet, selling a low-value entry point offer, scheduling a consultation, or something else.

Regardless of what the goal is, it should always serve to benefit your business, and support your customers.

Action Item #1: Take a minute to write down some of your business goals, and how you plan to use Google Ads to achieve them. Be specific and action oriented with your goals: “I want to make a ton of money” won’t get you anywhere, but “I’d like to grow my email opt-in list by 10% over the course of the next 3 months” is a more achievable goal.