Design Your Top Menu

Your top menu is the place your customers will go to learn more. The important things to note about your top menu are…

  • Keep it simple. There’s a reason this worksheet only has 3-4 slots to input to different pages. You really don’t want a lot of alternative actions to your CTA
  • You want to make sure that the pages you navigate to are further establishing your core message (“About Us” pages usually don’t serve this purpose, so save that page for your footer)
  • Keep your Primary CTA on the top right-hand corner of your page (we’ve tested it, and it works!)

For example, CoSchedule does a phenomenal job with their top menu. They have the primary CTA in the top right (“Sign Up Free Now”), and all the menu items are helping to provide more information around signing up. No “About Us” page or other unrelated information. 

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ACTION ITEM: Fill out the menu section…

  • Drop in a link to your logo image
  • Write out the 3 navigation pages
  • Add in your Primary CTA button in the top right