Define Your Campaign Settings

Once your account is set up, you can start creating the first campaign.

Action Item #3: Set up your campaign, using these steps…

Step 1: select “Search” as the campaign type.

Google’s predetermined goals use a few of the networks that Google offers advertising on (Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and App), but we’ll start simply with a Search only campaign by selecting “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance”

We are going to go through setting up a Search Campaign, but feel free to learn a bit more about the different campaigns types and create other campaigns if they fit your goals better.

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Step 2. Select the kind of results you’re looking for based on your goals.

website visits, phone calls, or app downloads. You can select multiple and each one will prompt you for more information: your website, your phone number or your app.

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Step 3. Name your campaign something specific and identifiable. 

Once you start making multiple campaigns and ads, you may start to lose track of them.

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Step 4. To start with the very basics, we are not going to include search partners or the Google Display Network as places to show ads, so go ahead and uncheck the boxes next to them.

Search partners are non-Google sites. The Google Display Network is when ads show up on blogs and other websites. Both will impact your budget and make it harder to analyze performance, however they are a great asset to utilize once you have a bit more experience within the Ads platform and know your ad budget well. 

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Step 5. Enter your geographic targeting information.

This is where you decide where you want your ad to appear. If you distribute products or provide services nationally, setting it to the US may be fine, but if you’re a local business you’ll want to look into targeting based on…

  • city, state, zip code, region (i.e. Austin, TX the city vs. the Austin metro area) or
  • a specific radius around your business

For international businesses, each country should get their own campaign so you can best track optimization for different markets

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Step 6. You’ll want to set your language to include the languages your audience speaks, as well as your own.

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