Create Your Engagement Series Emails

The role of the Engagement Series is to reach out to the people who’ve opted into your Lead Magnet but have yet to buy. They’ve engaged with your brand and were excited enough to opt-in to your offer, so you know they’re interested in the topic they signed up for. Now, you just need to follow up. 

The reality is, most of your customers won’t buy the first time around. That’s not how we work as consumers. And that’s okay. People want to assess and think about it before they pull out their wallets. So this series is designed to nurture them, give them the time they need to think about your offer, and move them toward a paying customer.  

There are 2 types of campaigns you’ll use in the Engagement Series. They’re simple, easy to deploy, and highly effective:

  1. Gain, Logic, Fear Campaign
  2. Are You Still?/Have You Yet? Campaign 

Let’s take a look at both campaigns…

Gain, Logic, Fear Campaign 

This campaign will be sent to offer people your EPO.

It’s a 3-day automated email series where you’ll send 1 email a day. If at any point they take you up on your offer, they’ll be removed from the series and won’t get any more emails in the Engagement Series as a whole because they’ll be engaged back into your funnel and you’ll follow the sequence all over again. 

It gets its name based on the tactics you’ll use in each email.

First, you’ll send an email following up to see how they’re doing with your free resource and then make an offer to a related product, focusing on the product’s benefits and everything the prospect will gain by taking you up on your offer. 

Then, you’ll send an email that explains all the logical reasons they should take your offer. 

Finally, you’ll use scarcity to cause fear of them missing out on a great deal that’s about to end. 

The Gain Email is sent 1 day after they opted into your Lead Magnet. Hint slightly at scarcity by talking about the limited number of units available or how the EPO will only be available at this discounted price for a short time. 

People who buy your EPO after this email will not receive the next email.

The Logic Email is sent 2 days after opt-in to anyone who didn’t buy after your Gain Email. Use logic and practicality to focus on why they should buy your EPO.

If someone buys after this email, they will not get the next one.

The Fear Email is sent 3 days after opt-in to anyone who has yet to purchase and it’s the final email in this campaign. It heavily relies on scarcity and FOMO (fear of missing out) throughout its copy, telling readers the deal’s closing and they’re about to miss out. Throughout the mail, hit heavily on the fact that the price is about to go up or the number of products is becoming scarce as time passes or that after this they risk missing out on your offer completely because it’s going back in the “vault.” Finally, you’ll also add a P.S. that talks about the gain of your EPO.

Now that you know the idea and the sequence of this campaign, it’s time to get writing! To help you do that, use our Gain, Logic, Fear email templates in the Resources section below

But what do you do if someone doesn’t convert from this email campaign and get back into your funnel? That’s where the next email series comes into play.

Are You Still?/Have You Yet? Campaign 

This campaign is similar to and builds off of the Gain, Logic, Fear Campaign. 

It’ll start a couple days after the previous campaign and be sent to anyone who didn’t purchase your EPO. If they did purchase your EPO, don’t send them this campaign. 

But you’re not going to offer them your EPO again. Nope, here you’re going to offer them your Core Offer. It may feel like you’re skipping a step or like it’s a big jump to offer them your more expensive Core Offer when they’ve yet to buy your EPO, here’s why it’s the next logical step for you as a marketer…

At this point, the lead has been offered your EPO several times. They saw it on your Thank You Page after they got their Lead Magnet and didn’t bite. They just got a 3-day email series and still haven’t converted. While they were interested in your Lead Magnet, they’re not currently interested in your EPO (they’ve said no 4 times). So why offer them more of the same when they’re not going to say yes at this time? Your Core Offer may be more expensive, but at least it’s something different.  

The purpose of this email is to “call out” a subscriber who indicated they were interested in achieving something (write a book, start an ecommerce store, get 6-pack abs, take a second honeymoon, etc.) and ask them if they’ve taken that action… MOST of the time the answer is going to be no. Now that you’ve reminded them of their desire to do X, you need to provide them with a path to achieving that goal. And that path is your Core Offer. And it’s related to, but not the same as, the Lead Magnet they signed up for.  

Find the template to the Are You Still?/Have You Yet? Campaign in the Resources section below.

It consists of 1 email. You’ll send it…

  • 7 days after they opted into your Lead Magnet (first attempt)
  • 14 days after they opted in (second attempt)
  • 21 days after they opted in (third and final attempt in this campaign)

Like the Gain, Logic, Fear Campaign above, if at any time they take you up on your Core Offer you’ll stop sending them this email series. 

On the second and the third attempt, you’ll use the same email as the first. You can make some tweaks to the copy with anything that’s relevant, but in this campaign, it’s okay that the emails are basically (or completely) identical since they’re only sent once over the course of a week. 

Now, by no means are we saying the Engagement Series are the only emails you’re sending your list. You should be sending them other automated and broadcast emails for offers, flash sales, and free content that provides them value so you continue to nurture them as a lead and customer. But with these 2 campaigns, you have an effective way to get people to return to your funnel and increase the number of transactions per customer.   

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