Choose Your Lead Magnet

Now, this doesn’t have to be a Lead Magnet. We highly recommend that it is, but it can just be a piece of content. This could be a blog article, long-form email, or even a transcribed video. 

But at minimum, it should be a piece of content that you’ve already used to convert. And we recommend that for your Lead Magnet too, it should be something that has already generated opt-ins. 

This is key because this is what your Messenger campaign is going to drive people to, so you can generate leads

So whatever you pick, make sure it’s proven content—meaning your audience has already shown interest in it. Using proven content will help you get ROI immediately, and prove Messenger as a new channel for your business (with data). 

So what’s the ideal piece of content?

Generally, it’s best to use… 

  • A how-to guide, i.e. “How to __,”  
  • Step-by-step breakdown 
  • Step-by-step content

These content types with these specific kinds of sections make it easier to determine how to break up the bot messages.

It’s also important that the Lead Magnet/content you choose to have some sort of copy available in it because the idea is to break it down in your Messenger bot. So you go…

There’s a lot of different ways to do this and you can really get creative with it. You can see in the image above that we break up the text, add emojis to draw the eye to specific parts, and even take something like the text example on the left and add an image. That makes it a lot more digestible than a 20-page PDF.

So take a minute now to think about what piece of content you’ll use.