Write Your Post Caption

Each feed post has the option of adding a caption, and we highly suggest you’re always adding captions to your businesses Instagram. 

There are 5 elements to a caption:

#1 Copy: There are different types of copy you can use

  • Short and punchy: Less than 1-2 sentences and good for quotes, memes, questions
  • Short paragraphs: 1-3 sentences good for quotes, tips, and other graphics
  • Long and in-depth: Anything that takes more explanation, like stats, infographics, advice, explaining a challenging concept, news, core concepts, etc.

Regardless of the type of copy you choose, it needs to encourage the actions that your call-to-action is asking of the user.

#2 Emojis: Use if applicable

If you’re having trouble finding the right emoji for your caption, you can use this website to search for relevant emojis.

#3 Spaces and bullet points: This changes the structure of your caption to add more space or create bullet points for longer captions

You can’t add spaces or bullet points directly in the Instagram app. To add them, you can use this website to create the caption structure you want, and then copy and paste it into Instagram.

#4 CTA: Call-to-actions reinforce and build on the copy

Examples of call-to-actions in Instagram are to visit a link in bio, leave a comment, head to a story, tag a friend, view a product, etc. 

You’ll want to make sure you have a clear CTA in every post. Remember that the CTA should be In line with your Focus statement, and your goals! 

#5 Hashtags: Hashtags make your feed posts searchable by users that don’t follow you

Here are best practices when using hashtags in your Instagram feed posts:

  1. Shoot for about 30 per post and a minimum of 9
  2. Use relevant, long tail hashtags
  3. Use location-based hashtags, especially if you’re local business
  4. See what hashtags your competitors and customers are using

*Action Item: Write the Caption, Hashtags, and CTA for the post you picked in the previous section *