What to Do When Your Campaign Is Working

Now let’s talk about scaling. In other words: what to do when your campaign is working and you want more of the same results. 

When it comes to scaling there are 2 approaches: you can either scale vertically or horizontally. 

Vertical scale is pretty simple, and it’s probably what most of you imagine when you think about scaling a media campaign. It’s increasing the budget. That’s vertical scale. 

Now, horizontal scale is taking that ad that’s working and showing it to more people. Horizontal scale is creating new ad sets that target different interests or different Lookalike Audiences so you can scale that way, too.

Both of them are good options and both of them can be done at the same time. So you can use the vertical and horizontal scaling tactics we’re about to discuss simultaneously to quickly and effectively scale your ads.

Now before we move on, when it comes to scaling your ads, don’t overthink it. If you have something that’s working, scale it. Use your success metric that tells you, yes, this is good, yes, this is working and begin to scale.