Understand the Objective

So you’ve launched a Facebook ad. Congrats! 

Now what? 

What do you do to ensure that your launched ad is a success and generating ROI for your business? 

That’s where this Playbook comes in.

This training is all about scaling and troubleshooting your Facebook ad. It’s exactly what you’re going to execute after you’ve set an ad live.

We’ve broken this Playbook down into 3 parts. In it you’ll learn:

  1. Your success metrics. What numbers should you be looking at? How can you tell if your campaign is actually working?
  2. Once you figure that out, we’re going into troubleshooting. So, what to do if your campaign isn’t working 
  3. Then, we’ll move into scaling. What to do when your campaign is working, and how to get more of the results that you’re already getting (hint: it’s not just about increasing the budget)

Let’s get right to it!