Troubleshooting: Still Not Getting Results?

You’ve created new ad sets. You’ve tested new targeting, you’ve tested new ad copy and creatives, you’ve optimized your landing page, and you’re like, “This still isn’t working.” That will happen. It happens to us at DigitalMarketer all the time. 

And what it means is that your offer is broken.

So whatever content you’re sending traffic to—whether it’s a blog post, a gated piece of content, a trial, or a sales page for a monetization campaign—if you’ve continued to troubleshoot, it means that the audience simply does not want what you have to offer. That is going to happen from time to time, and it means you’ll need to start from the beginning.

If this is happening, ask yourself: Is what I’m offering them something that they want? 

Maybe it’s time to reposition how you’re selling your product or service because the benefits that you’re offering or the pain point that you’re hitting on for this audience isn’t painful enough or isn’t beneficial enough to get them to convert. 

So if you’ve done the rest of the troubleshooting on your campaigns and they’re still not working, it’s probably not a mistake that you are making in the Facebook ads platform. It has something to do with your offer, and it’s time to go back and figure out how to reposition your offer so you can create something that your audience actually wants. 

Then you can write new ad copy, launch a new campaign, and compare the results between the 2 different offers that you’ve created. 

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