Troubleshooting: Not Getting Impressions

With troubleshooting, the first scenario we’re going to cover is: what if you’re not even getting Impressions? Sometimes this happens with traffic campaigns. The ad is just not showing to people for some reason. There are a couple ways to fix this…

So in Ads Manager, let’s say we’re looking at an ad that’s been running for a few days and our Reach is nothing. Or our Reach is like a hundred people, and we know that that’s just not right, that something’s off. 

The first way to troubleshoot your ads is to change the bidding on your ad sets because, sometimes, based on your audience size, the way that you’re bidding isn’t giving you the results you need. 

So, for example, let’s say this ad is an opt-in play. If we were having trouble getting impressions and it just wasn’t getting off the ground, we would go down and change our bidding. 

Instead of auto-bidding, we would manually bid, and we would bid higher than we were originally willing to pay. In this example, let’s say we’re willing to pay $7. We’d up it to $10 to see if we could win that real estate. 

Sometimes this will allow you to win that real estate that for some reason another advertiser is really holding. So after you change bidding, save it and give it another day. 

If it’s still not working after a full 24 hours or more, then we move to Option 2: totally duplicating this campaign and restarting.

Sometimes Facebook will get buggy, and for some reason, the campaign just never makes it off the ground. In this case, you need to duplicate and restart. If you duplicate and restart, it restarts that algorithm. And it might allow you to overcome not getting impressions.