Troubleshooting: Not Getting Clicks

So maybe you are getting impressions, which is great. But what if you’re not getting clicks? 

Basically, you’re not getting any action on your ad; no one is clicking. If that’s the case, it means that the ad is being shown because you’re getting Reach, but for some reason, it’s not resonating with the audience. 

So we need to test new targeting, ad copy, and/or creative. 

First, you’ll start with your ad copy and creative. So your audience is seeing your ad, but you’re not articulating the value of whatever you want them to do in the ad copy and in the creative. At least, not in a way that’s resonating with them and generating clicks.

So go ahead and write some new copy chunks. Tweak your ad creative. 

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Then, to test this, we recommend duplicating your ad sets that aren’t working. In Ads Manager, you’ll select “Duplicate,” but you’re going to edit at the ad level and you’re going to change out your old ads for new ads. 

You can keep these old ones running alongside the ones you’ve duplicated for a few days so you can split test and see which variation is going to work best. See if you start getting more clicks onto those ads because you freshened up the copy, the creative. 

If you’ve tested a new variation and it’s still not working after 3 days, then you need to start to look at your targeting. Maybe it’s just way off. Maybe your customer avatar (AKA your target audience) is not who you think it is, and you need to go back to the drawing board to do some more research around your targeting. 

If you need to go back to the drawing board with your targeting, we recommend you check out our…

Now maybe people are seeing the ad, they’re clicking, but when they get to your landing page, they’re not taking whatever action you wanted them to. This is a different problem with your targeting. A metric that will really show you if this is a problem is the conversion rate on your landing page. 

So if you’re not getting the desired action on the page, you need to check what we call “ad scent.” Ad scent is the consistency between an ad and the landing page it sends you to.

So here, you need to ask yourself, is there congruency between your ad and the landing page? Are you making the same offer on both? Are you using similar copy? Is the design similar? Have you maintained good ad scent? 

Because if someone clicks your ad and they go to your landing page and it doesn’t look familiar to them, it’s going to throw your audience and they’re not going to convert. So make sure you have good ad scent. If that’s a problem, you want to change up either your landing page or your ad to really create that congruency.

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Now, if your ad sent is good but your landing page conversion rate isn’t, it probably means that your landing page needs optimization. And there’s a lot that you can do on a landing page to increase the conversion rate, which is a separate training. 

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Then lastly, some thoughts if you’re still not getting results.