Scale Vertically

Now, when you’re scaling vertically, you do not want to increase your budget more than 50% every 7 days, especially if you are running an evergreen campaign that’s applicable to your business for many months to come.

Sometimes people who are spending $20 and are getting good results will go in and jack up their spend to $200 and expect to get the same results. Unfortunately, increasing the budget too quickly is going to throw off Facebook’s ability to optimize your campaign. 

So you want to increase your budget a little bit at a time so you maintain the same costs for whatever your success metric is.

So we recommend not scaling more than 50% every 7 days. That will keep your campaign healthy.

We also do not recommend scaling your ad set past the point of no return. 

What do we mean by this? 

Let’s look at Ads Manager. Below are ads from a campaign we’re running to generate leads with a Lead Magnet for our blog audit.

We’ve scaled these ads a bit but there’s still room to keep vertically scaling them. Now, because we’re generating opt-ins with these ads, our success metric here is costs per lead. And with this campaign, we’re trying to keep our cost per result under $10. So right now, we can keep scaling and we’ll have enough room to continue to increase the budget.

But what about when we get to like $9.50 or $9.75 per lead? At that point, right before we’re about to cross over $10 is what we call the “point of no return.”

So if you are about to reach the threshold—your benchmark for your success metric—quit scaling the budget. Don’t scale past the point of no return

Now, just because you’re about to hit the point of no return doesn’t mean you have to turn the campaign off, either. If you’re about to hit that point of no return, simply keep the budget where it is

We have some ad sets that have been running on the same budget that haven’t been touched in months, and that’s because it was about to cross over the point of no return. And we left it right there in its sweet spot. 

So if you reach that sweet spot, that point of no return, just maintain your ad and let it run. And if/when you cross your point of no return, clip your budget down till you’re back in that sweet spot and getting the result you wanted for your success metric. 

Vertical scaling can be summed up as scaling until you’re about to hit the point of no return, and then you stop increasing the budget. 

But even though vertical scaling reaches a threshold, horizontal scaling has virtually no ceiling. We’ll talk about that in the next lesson.