Scale Horizontally

Scaling horizontally is the most effective way to scale because you can literally scale your campaign almost forever…

Remember that your market is a revolving door. There are constantly new people that are moving into your market that you can sell your product or service to. There are constantly new people becoming aware of a problem they have, the problem that you can solve. This allows you to continually scale horizontally

To scale horizontally, you’ll take ads that are performing well and duplicate the ad sets, and create new ad sets that show the same ad that we know is working to a new audience. 

This can be done by creating Lookalike Audiences based on people who have taken the action that you wanted. For instance, you create a Lookalike Audience based on your Thank You page or whatever page you’re sending traffic to.

To create a Lookalike Audience, go to “Audiences” in Business Manager. Then select “Create Audience” and “Lookalike Audience.”

From there, you’ll select the source of your Lookalike Audience—the people Facebook’s algorithm has determined share similar traits to audience members who’ve converted or interacted with your ads.

Once you’ve created a Lookalike Audience, you can duplicate an ad that’s performing well and start targeting that Lookalike Audience with it. That’s one way to scale horizontally.

For more on creating Lookalike Audiences, use this resource from the Facebook Business Help Center

If you have an offer and a message that’s working, another way to horizontally scale is to scale to platforms like Google Ads or YouTube. They’re obviously different in terms of the creative and the way the actual platform works. But, when you’ve found a message and an offer and an audience that’s working on Facebook, it’s much easier to scale out successfully to these other platforms and reach new audiences your Facebook ads have yet to. 

And that’s where we’ll leave you. Take an ad that you’re scaling vertically and simultaneously scale it horizontally. Or take an ad that’s reached its point of no return vertically, and continue to scale it by scaling horizontally. 

If you’re looking for what’s next, check out our Google Ads Playbook and use it to scale your Facebook ads horizontally.