Retarget Your Audience

In this final lesson, we want to introduce you to one of the single most powerful content strategies:

Using content plus retargeting to generate leads and sales from your blog. 

Remember when we said near the beginning of this Playbook that “content can sell”? Well, this is one of the most effective ways we’ve discovered for monetizing your blog. 

In this video, Amanda will explain why retargeting your content is such a powerful strategy and how you can use it as a step to generate sales. So your free blog can help you nurture your audience and make money. 


And that’s it! You’ve made it through the Blog Content Playbook. 

You’ve come a long way in a short amount of time. And now you have several ways to create content very quickly. You also have a number of ways to repurpose top-performing content to generate more traffic and sales from your blog. 

Remember, you can use your new content to… 

  • Keep your email list happy and healthy
  • Generate traffic through search engines and social channels
  • Segment your email list and blog visitors
  • Retarget with ads based on a known interest to generate sales 

Now go create some content!