How Instagram Works

Instagram runs off of an algorithm that shows users specific posts and accounts based off of how they interact with the platform.

Before you start posting, it’s important that you understand how this algorithm works so you can find the most success as possible on the platform.

Let’s break down the Instagram algorithm:

  1. Interest: The more Instagram thinks you’ll “like” a post, the higher it will appear. This is based on past behavior on similar content.
  2. Timeliness: Recent posts are going to have prioritization, so it’s necessary to be aware of when your audience is active on the app.
  3. Relationship: If users engage with your content, they’ll see more of it. Stay top-of-mind by creating engaging content.
  4. Frequency: The feed looks different depending on how often someone opens the app. A frequent scroller’s feed will look more chronological and someone who doesn’t open the app frequently will see posts from the people they follow that Instagram thinks they’ll like (in un-chronological order). 
  5. Following: Someone following a lot of accounts isn’t going to see posts from every account they follow, only the ones they interact with.
  6. Usage: Users who spend a lot of time on Instagram will see more posts and those that don’t will just get the highlights from the algorithm.