Define Your Instagram Goal

Like with every digital marketing strategy, you need a goal so you know what your strategy is trying to achieve. On Instagram, you may have one goal or several goals.

Here are examples of goals that your Instagram strategy can be centered around:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Showcase your products/services
  • Establish authority in your industry 
  • Build a community of brand advocates
  • Humanize Your Brand: Show customers that your company is more than a logo and a website with company culture focused content

You should pick a goal that is in line with your overall business goals and strategies.

*Action Item: Decide on your Instagram goal *

Your strategy needs to lead directly to your goal(s). Now that you know what your goal(s) are, creating a focus statement will help keep you working towards that goal, and help provide clarity on how and why you plan to achieve that goal. 

*Action Item: Fill out the Following focus statement, and keep that statement in an easily visible area *

“By using Instagram for my business, I will (GOALS) by (ACTIONS) to (AUDIENCE) (FREQUENCY).”

Here’s an example of a focus statement:

By using Instagram for my business, I will increase brand awareness and build authority by creating and posting content that’s valuable and relevant to entrepreneurs and marketers 5-7 days a week.