Create Long-Lasting Content

In the last lesson, you learned how to create stellar blog content quickly. Now we’re going to shift gears and talk about long-lasting content—content that continues to generate organic traffic for months and months, sometimes years, after it was first published. 

Long-lasting posts are often big, meaty posts. They’re long, easily over 1,000 words. They’re useful, actionable, well-written, and engaging. They’re filled with relevant images and audio/video files to support the points you’re making in the text. 

We’re not going to lie to you: long-lasting posts take time and effort to create. But their benefit is that they have a lasting ROI. Whereas many blog posts have a lifespan of just 24-72 hours, long-lasting posts can continue generating traffic, providing massive value to your audience, and building your credibility and authority for years. 

Some of our long-lasting posts at DigitalMarketer are still generating massive organic traffic, even 5 years after they were initially published, like our “101 Best Email Subject Lines.”

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For that reason, we sometimes think of these posts are “redwood content,” since, like redwood trees, these posts live for a long time and keep growing year after year. 

But in order to accomplish that, you’re going to have to keep your pillar posts alive and continuously updated. 

Google likes it when you tend to your content. If Google sees that you haven’t updated a blog post in a long time, it’s going to view that post as less relevant because it will seem out-of-date. And your organic rankings will slowly start to drop over time in favor of other posts that have been updated or published more recently. 

But if you continue to update that long-lasting post, that will send a clear signal to Google that you are tending to this post. It’s updated. It’s still relevant. And as a result, Google will continue showing love to your pillar posts by ranking them in a high position among the search results. 

That said, you should NOT be updating your posts just for the search engines. Instead, update your posts for the people who are actually reading these posts—your audience. Because in the end, they’re the ones who really matter. 

In this short video our Director of Marketing, Amanda Powell, will walk you through creating posts that will continually bring you traffic and give you some super-useful examples and templates that you can use to guide your own long-lasting post creation: 

Below, you’ll find the examples Amanda referenced in the video: 

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